Gold Rally Jackpot Slot

Gold Rally Jackpot Slot game has 9 reels and 8 video paylines. The 9-reel Gold Rally Jackpot Slot game resembles the 3-reel slot machine game. But in the 9-reel slot game, the spins are not dependent on each other.

You can bet on any number of lines just by clicking on the “Single line” button. Any one line among the three lines that runs horizontally, vertically and diagonally may yield you winnings. You can bet on all lines by clicking on the “All Lines” button. To deactivate “Single Line” you can click on “All Lines” and vice versa.

The denomination is fixed at $2 for each payline bet. Playtech had developed the game and it is open to only real money players. The Gold Rally Jackpot Slot game has Scatter symbols, Dynamite bonus round and Progressive Jackpot. Apart from the Progressive Jackpot feature, the game offers a maximum payout of “500x” line bet.

The scatter symbol for Gold Rally Jackpot Slot game is the “Scales” symbol. The scatter symbols can be spotted wherever on the reels provided five such symbols are visible on the screen. The payouts can be verified from the winnings chart. Your total bet multiplied with the number that appear in the corresponding scatter payable row gives you the value of your scatter win.

The bonus symbol for the game is the “Dynamite symbol”. When you hit the “Dynamite” symbols on all four corners of the Gold Rally Slot machine game, your “Dynamite Bonus” feature game is triggered. As you enter the bonus feature, you will be given some instructions for bonus choices on the screen. You can identify your total win with the indication “You win” if you play multiple rounds of Dynamite Bonus game feature. The collective wins from all the rounds of your present Dynamite Bonus feature will be added to your total “Bonus Prize Amount”.

Playing the Gold Rally Jackpot Slot is easy if you follow the instructions. The “Plus” and “Minus” signs in the game increase and decrease your coin size of your bet. Clicking on the “Bet one” button one after the other can increase the number of coins. The “Bet Max” button allows the maximum bet and spins the reels automatically.

When you click on the “Spin” button you can see some winning combinations piling up on the activated payline. This completes the game and you are paid out as per the Payout schedule chart. If you do not see any winning combinations then the game is over and you have to start from the beginning.

When playing the Gold Rally Jackpot Slot game, certain percentage of bet amount goes to your Progressive Jackpot collection. The values are updated on the red scroll bar located at the bottom of the game. When you are playing for the maximum bet, if you locate 9 Scales scatter symbols on the screen in a single round, you can claim your Progressive jackpot.

The game is designed with some “Game options”. You can utilize these options to customize the sound, speed and the autoplay feature of the game.