Loose Caboose Video Slot

If you want to learn how to play Loose Caboose video slot which has a great train theme, you can just read through this article, as we provide you with all the information that you need regarding the best features and other important aspects of the Loose Caboose game. The first point you should know about is that this game has been powered by the Real Time Gaming (RTG) software and it is considered one of the most famous online software games available on the world of internet. The graphics, sound quality and effects, the whole software, and all the options in the Loose Caboose video slot are top of the line. Even the theme is so perfect to match the overall flow of the game.

DESCRIPTION – Loose Caboose video slot game consists of a five (5) reels with twenty five slots of video, which was one of the first options developed by Real Time Gaming and features the scatter wins option, a progressive jackpot and you can get free spins. This video slot game has a theme with a train in the slot machine, along with the symbols of old fashioned locomotives, engineers, conductors, purses, passengers, aces, tickets, jacks, kings, queens, nines and tens.

BETTING – The bets on the Loose Caboose video slot game are between a wide range with the lower limit starting at $0.01 and ending with the upper limit of $5.00 for each line. In Loose Caboose slot game, you can choose on a spin from 1 to 25 lines. The Loose Caboose game is fixed with a large betting range that is from the penny at each spin and to the largest total betting amount of the $125. Such an option of betting is suitable for both kinds of people, such as the ones who love betting high and the ones who try to bet as low as possible.

RULE – In the Loose Caboose video slot game the rewards which are won on different numbers of pay lines are summed up and all the scattered winnings are also added to the pay line winnings. Another rule is that all the scattered winnings will be multiplied by the amount of the total amount of bets, whereas the winnings get multiplied by the pay line for each betting range. In this manner only the highest win of each chosen pay line will be paid for.

JACKPOT – In the Loose Caboose video slot game, the feature of Cash Train is not only considered the way to winning a big amount while playing the Loose Caboose, in fact, the players are also able to get the winning reward with a progressive jackpot. The Loose Caboose video slot game has many features which rewards the users with multiple options of winning the Jackpot.

All of this information will help you to select Loose Caboose video slot as your first and only choice when it comes to choosing an online casino game from among a lot of options.