Marine Mayhem Jackpot Slot

To fight off the boredom and to earn extra money, there will be no mistakes to play the Marine Mayhem Jackpot Slot. It comes with five reels and five playline slot machines to help you easily create the winning combinations. Now you can start the game by betting the coins in the range of $0.10 and $5.00 and automatically you will get chance to win the rewarding bonuses available within the game. Pay close attention to what this game does for you and find out how much you are impressed with the uniqueness inside the game.

The Marine Mayhem Jackpot Slot is supported by Virtue Fusion software and applies Marine ambience as theme. It depicts the beautiful scenery of ocean with stunning underwater animations. The lowest level logo is controlled by the standby card. It is all about beautiful marine and you will get high point if you find some regular symbols such as sharks, orca, sea horses, skates, clownfish and jellyfish.

The Marine Mayhem Jackpot Slot is based on system of five reels and twenty payline. The setting will allow you get great chance to achieve winning combination. There will be no free spins and the extra bonus only can be found in the progressive jackpot. To win the jackpot within a team is much easier that to get the jackpot individually. When the jackpot is smacked by the given team, other members will get a small broken piece of pot. It is really fun.

As usual, the Marine Mayhem Jackpot Slot runs similarly with any other slot games. The combination of great symbols will come to high payout and that is sevens logo which can bring you there. Talking about the sevens, it comes up within three colors of gold, blue and white. The blue sevens will get you awarded of forty percents of recent jackpot. The white sevens will bring you sixty percent of jackpot and the gold seven will double up 100% the jackpot to get bigger amount of money.

Entering the Marine Mayhem Jackpot Slot, you will find the term of jackpot coin value. It is the biggest jackpot which brings you progressive payout of 7500 coins. What’s more the jackpot money value can be obtained with the total amount of £7500. The rewards are really impressive. There is effective way to win the highest jackpot. What you should do is to find five pink whale logos. They are effective to trigger the payline as well as open the door for winning the jackpot.

Especially for low stake players, you can win the jackpot for the lowest wager of 10 p as much as £750. Please bear in mind that based on the characteristic of the progressive jackpot, the more coins you wager the higher jackpot you win. It is simple. Even though there is no free spins and bonus game. You still get a lot of chance to win the Marine Mayhem Jackpot Slot. Learn more how to win the jackpot and practice it to earn bigger money through the game.