Pirate Plunder Jackpot Slot

Casinos are the easiest way to make money. In casino, there are 2 types of gambling games available. One of them is on tables & another is video slots gambling. It depends on you that what you prefer whether table or slots. If you like to play on tables, it has its own fun & it allows you to interact with your competitors. On table you deal with croupier face to face & you are compelled to play according to the speed of your competitors. However, when it comes to slots, it is completely opposite to table games. Here you do not need to follow the speed of competitors because slots allow you to plat at your own pace. You can take your time. So, if you are slot gaming lover, an amazing creation of “Virtue Fusion” the “Pirate Plunder Jackpot Slot” is your thing.

Pirate plunder is basically a five reels, fifteen pay-lines video jackpot slot designed with Pirate Theme. This video slot game is one among the latest additions in the family of Virtue Fusion with a brilliant feature of progressive jackpot. You can bet between £0.10p & 1 per line & win a particular fraction of the jackpot depend on the bet amount per line by comparing five treasure chest signs in a row at the permitted line.

Pirate Plunder video slot possess more than twenty seven (27) winning arrangements with many winning signs like treasure chest sign as the jackpot sign & five of it on any alert pay-line initiates the biggest progressive jackpot. In this game, treasure chest is not the only sign, but you will notice the Pirate Maiden, Skull, Map, Pirate, Ships & big amount playing card signs as well.

The background tune is so exciting & vibrant. The progressive jackpot characteristic that re-seeds at the amount of £10,000 & a fraction of the biggest money prize is winnable without making the highest stake. A player who matches five Treasure Chest signs in one row on permitted line can get the full progressive jackpot for betting 1.00 pound or a fraction of the top prize depending on how big player bet on that row. For example, a player betting 0.10 pounds per line can win 10% of the top prize for similar five Treasure Chest signs. A player getting 3, 4 or 5 of the highest 3 signs will notice the signs animate also, incorporating to the game play knowledge.

With a single coin staking range of 0.1 cents to 1 dollar & with the choices to play 15 dollar the highest stake per spin this video slot is appropriate for just penny slot player.

So, there is no need to go in search of any other video slot game other than Pirate Plunder Jackpot slot. Take your relatives with you to make your evening memorable & hit a jackpot as well to double the enjoyment of evening. Make sure that due to you no one gets hurt. So, just go & be confident.