Super Star Jackpot Slot

Who says the milky way is far away from us, today we can log on to net and not only get to see and enjoy the milky way but we also get to win some points. That is the theme of this slot game which is the super star jackpot slot game. From flying space ships to the planets one can even see the galaxy along with the planets and the moon.

This five reel nine pay lines comes with a bonus round. The range for the amount to be placed can be from a cent to ten dollars. The more number of lines the player plays the more chance of winning. The symbol which has the galaxy on it is the wild symbol.

With four adventures and different levels to cross, who said only astronauts could go to space. Just like in reality how we have the stars scattered in the sky, the same applies here. The single star is considered as the scatter symbol and the galaxy is the wild symbol. The star symbol represents the bonus symbol. This game has no multiplier symbol.

For all the winners, the prizes are really out of this world. The jackpot value coin is for ten thousand points. The maximum amount that could be won is a hundred thousand dollars. To win this amount the player has to get five astronauts symbols.

If a player bets one cent then the amount they can win as the jackpot would be a hundred dollars. The jackpots in this game are the blitz jackpot which is the lowest jackpot, the quick jackpot ranges number two, moving to the third level of the jackpots is the super jackpots and the mega jackpot is the one that any player strives to get.

Each bonus round can be achieved when the player get three bonus symbols in a row. Once that happens, a screen will open with nine stars each revealing a particular amount. The jackpot round is achieved when the player hits a jackpot. Whatever amount the player has placed will just be a step closer to the mega jackpot.

Should the player run out of credits, then they also have the facility to either buy more credits from the reserved account called the party account. The player just needs to follow the instructions to get the amount require transferred from that account to the game.

Due to some reason, if the person gets disconnected from the game, then they also have the option to get back to the game. And if it has happened during the game, there will be records of the amount they actually won.

The game has options like pay table, lines set, and a screen that shows the results, the feature game, and an option to even place the bets. The game as well as its rules is same. This game surely can take a person to another level. This is where the phrase flying high in the sky would come.