The Adventure of the Galactic Gopher Video Slot

Our galaxy is full of stars and planets but there is something more in it which is out of your reach. Such as aliens and their expensive space ships and some good alien heroes. These alien heroes can help you saving earth from alien villains and you can also win some exciting prizes from those heroes. But you need to go out in space and find those heroes. Micro gaming has arranged a journey for you to go out in to space in search of alien heroes. This journey will be an experience of a life time; full of excitement and fun. With the help of the adventure of the Galactic Gopher video slot you can find the alien heroes and all the hidden prizes in space.

This unique video slot has so many features that will definitely increase your appeal to it. This video slot has some distinguished bonuses for you and it is quite fun. The slot has 5 reels and 30 winning lines to provide you maximum possibilities to form your winning combinations. You can easily activate all the winning lines to increase your winning chances, by putting a minimum of $0.30 on stake per spin; it will help you to win or to form your winning combinations. You can also play this game for just $0.01 per spin but the winning chances will be decreased, as it will only activate 1 winning line. You can put 5 coins on stake per pay line or you can active 5 pay lines by putting 5 coins on stake; the size of the coin depends on your pocket. You can put up a maximum of $30.00 on bet; all of this shows this video slot is low roller.

The prizes that you can win from the adventure of the Galactic Gopher video slot are quite interesting, like the top jackpot that you can win is 2,500 coins but if you are lucky enough, then the top jackpot will be 7,500 coins; you can get a wild multiplier, free spins, etc. This game also provides you the gamble feature that is rarely found in other video slots.

The symbols used in this video slot are quite amusing, like deep space dog, Astro ape, a space ship, galactic gopher, spaced out snake, cosmic chicken, etc. The adventure of the Galactic Gopher video slot also has some regular symbols, so that the players do not have to remember all the difficult symbols. The regular symbols which are used in this game are nine, ten, jack, queen, king, ace, etc. You can win incredible prizes easily, while going on a journey out in the space.

You can easily play this game online; some websites are offering this game for free to develop your interest. If you wish to play this game online for real money, then you can easily find a lot of online gaming sites, offering multiple denominations of currencies, for all players from around the globe to be able to have fun while playing this slot.